Local Repair Shops Remind Drivers About Proper Car Care in Frigid Weather

The bitter cold conditions have taken a toll on some cars. 

Bitter temps and slippery road conditions have local car repair shops booked up, including Westway Auto Body in West Allis. 

 "I got a car back there that has 14 thousand dollars worth of damage on it. He was rear ended on the freeway," said owner Michael Maloney. 

Maloney has seen it happen every single winter for more than five decades. 

He said a big issue during this time of year, is the damage done by snow banks.

 "Broken bumpers. Catching a snowbank and tearing the bumper off their car, bumpers crack like eggs," said Maloney.

Those accidents, along with engines deteriorating due to the cold weather..and people pressing down hard on the gas pedal make for a busy schedule. 

 "If it snows a lot it can get backed up. You might not get your car back for a month," said Maloney.

During this frigid weather, he recommends taking extra time to clean up all the snow from your car and also warm it up -- even if you plan on hibernating for a few days. 

"Go out and start the car. Warm it up for a while and then shut it off and go back in the house. Don't let it sit there for two, three days," said Maloney. 

He said even when the snow stops and the roads look clear, you can never be so sure.

 "The roads can look dry, but black ice really exists," he said. 

It's these simple reminders, he said, are extremely important in keeping you safe.

 "Cars can get fixed. People, that's another story. I'm not going to throw you out if you end up here. But you don't what to be here if you don't have to be here," said Maloney.

Recent reports show that newer cars don't have to be warmed up for more than 60 seconds, however, Maloney still recommends taking a few minutes. 

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