Local pub owner defends favela setup for world cup celebration

MILWAUKEE-- The owner of a Nomad World Pub on Brady street is defending the outdoor patio that he set up next to the bar, which is inspired by the Favelas in Brazil.

\"My goal was to create a cool space for people to watch the world cup and I think we've succeeded with that,\" said Mike Eitel, owner of the pub.

Negative publicity has stirred up online after the news spread that Eitel had created the favelas for the World Cup celebration.

A sports blogger out of Washington D.C tweeted \"Dear @NomadMilwaukee, the poverty, police violence and conditions of military occupation in favelas are no joke and it's not a samba frat party.\"

Eitel responded saying \"I'm sorry they're offended but that wasn't the intent... I think people are starting to realize our hearts in the right place.\"

Many brazilians who went to the bar to celebrate the first game of the tournament, said they were surprised to hear the criticism.

\"Many hardworking people live in the favela and im sure that they'll be honored to see that people overseas are  portraying them in a positive way,\" said Cassio Muniz, who was born in Brazil but now lives in Milwaukee.

While another Brazilian said \"I dont see myself offended... I'm from brazil and we have this reality there.\"

Despite all the negative publicity, bar owner Mike Eitel says the celebration at the Milwaukee Favela will continue throughout the World Cup celebration.


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