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Local Organizations Call for Hate Crime Charges in Milwaukee Triple Homicide 

More than 20 organizations demand justice after a triple murder on Milwaukee’s southwest side. 

Friday morning the group met at City Hall in Milwaukee, they're calling for action on a local and national level.

The victims were murdered nearly two weeks ago; the League of Latin American Citizens and family members of the victims are calling this a hate crime.
“It’s time for us to put an end to hate and to cut down the violence that we are seeing all across our state and our nation”, said Darryl Morin from LULAC.

The group submitted a formal request for investigation to the Milwaukee County Districts Attorney’s Office, the US department of Justice and other national enforcement agencies. 

Dan Popp, 39, was charged in the triple homicide that happened March 6, a mental evaluation was ordered for Popp last week.

“Everyone before you today understand that hate crime statutes are set aside if he is found no competent”, says Morin. 

Dan Popp is facing three of four life sentences. The Milwaukee county DA tells CBS 58 they are still investigating to see whether or not additional charges are needed.

Original: Milwaukee police have arrested a suspect believed to be responsible in the shooting deaths of three people on the city’s southwest side. an adult man shot and killed three victims around 5:45 pm Sunday, march 6 at a residence in the 3300 block of south 92nd street. 
The victims are one adult woman and two adult men who were pronounced dead at the scene. 
Police are expecting to address media this evening.

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