Local Organizations Call for Hate Crime Charges in Milwaukee Triple Homicide

Dan Popp has been charged with triple homicide, but some say this shouldn't be treated as a typical murder case.

Local organizations have come together to file for a formal investigation calling this case a hate crime.

The group that met at Milwaukee City Hall Friday morning, insist that what happened here should not just been seen as been motivated by a mental health condition

Last week the defense attorney has said his client has a mental condition and doesn’t understand what is going on.

But this group of over 20 organizations said they don't take that as an appropriate form of cause for the crime.

That's why they submitted this formal investigation to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, US Department of Veteran Affairs, and even the US Department of Justice.

 “They were both very good people they were proud Americans and they always looked at themselves at proud Americans and they worked very hard they sacrificed a lot for their children,” said Tou Xiong, brother of Maikai Vue

Dan Popp is facing three of four life sentences. The Milwaukee county DA tells CBS 58 they are still investigating to see whether or not additional charges are needed.


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