Local movie makers, the spotlight is on you for this weekend's annual "48 Hour Film Project"

NOW: Local movie makers, the spotlight is on you for this weekend’s annual “48 Hour Film Project“


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--They say the annual "48 Hour Film Project" is one of the wildest and sleepless weekends you'll ever have.  It's a chance for you, and possibly your team, to make, shoot, and edit a movie in just two days starting Friday evening.  You choose a selected genre and have to include three different elements in the movie, including a specific dialogue, character, and prop.  City producer, Warren Matson, has some advice for handling the time crunch.  He recommends to start with the ending and backbuild from there.  He also says to allow for plenty of time for editing.

Again the "48 Hour Film Project" kicks off Friday evening at Bluemel's Garden in Greenfield.  It begins at 6 in the evening.  And because of Covid, you can also register online and receive your selected genre this way as well.  Click here to learn everything you need to know about this intense movie-making competition.

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