Local man raises money for kids by biking to 30 MLB stadiums

Wisconsin native Matt Stoltz loves the Brewers and loves talking baseball. So it's only fitting he accepted the Biking for Baseball challenge.

\"The mental part, being on the road by yourself, living the nomadic lifestyle can be pretty tough,\" he said via phone.

But believe it or not, he doesn't enjoy riding bikes.

\"I'd rather be playing baseball, basketball, football or something like that,\" Stoltz said.

Regardless, he's making the most of the charge, stopping at each Major League Ballpark along his 11,155-mile, six-month journey across the country. Leading the order was the Seattle Mariners back on Opening Day, April 6.

\"Fans really make the game special,\" he said. \"You meet them and hear their stories. That's what I look forward to.\"

Since then, Matt has pushed through the tough terrain, sore muscles and pure exhaustion to visit five more stadiums in California. Now, he's on his way to number seven in Arizona.

\"I'm headed off to Phoenix for a Diamondbacks game on May 10,\" during a stop in Beaumont, California.

There is a purpose to putting his body to the test. Stoltz has a goal to raise $100,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters and encourage people to become mentors to youth in Milwaukee.

\"When you're able to give a few hours a month to hang out with a kid make a difference in their life, it can literally change their life,\" he said.

The funds will support youth baseball clinics in the city. The next one will take place on October 3, when Stoltz rides his way into home at Miller Park.

\"I'm anxiously awaiting that bratwurst,\" he added.

So far, he's raised more than $13,000 for Biking for Baseball. To donate and follow his journey, click here.

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