Local Little League Players Take The Field At Miller Park

Talk about a field of dreams. 

Eight local Little League teams got to spend the day playing on the big field at Miller Park on Friday. 

The day started off with the Muskego Avalanche taking on the Greenfield Hawks. 

Sam Olson is a seventh grader who plays for the Avalanche. He couldn't believe that he got to spend his day where his favorite player, Ryan Braun, comes to work all season with the rest of the Milwaukee Brewers.

"We went down in the batting cages, and I'm sure they've been in there, so the fact that you've been where they've been is really cool," said Sam. 

"It's really exciting," he said. "The fact that we're in the dugout. You get that nervousness, but not that bad nervousness. A really excited nervousness."

His parents, Michelle and Ryan Olson, told CBS 58 that playing Miller Park has been on his "bucket list" since he was a little boy.

"Ever since we found out we were gonna play Miller Park, that night he couldn't sleep," said Sam's mom. "It's just, watching someone live their dream."

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