Local Leaders React to Potential End to Great Lakes Restoration Project Due to Funding Cuts

President Trump's budget proposal slashes resources needed for the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA.

The funding cuts could put an end to the Great Lakes Restoration Project. CBS 58's Amanda Devoe talked to local leaders.

Several local leaders and groups are speaking out against the president's proposed budget cuts and how they say it would compromise families and animals in our area having clean water.

President Trump introduced his first budget blueprint Thursday morning that would dramatically slash funding to The Environmental Protection Agency. Part of the cuts includes rolling back 300 million dollars in funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Project. Something Mayor Barrett and other local leaders say would put local families and the economy at risk.

"For the first time, we have a president who says he wants to make America great but forgets that the Great Lakes is part of America. For generations, this asset has been treated by democrats and republicans, by Canadians and Americans, by all eight states that border it as a treasure that should not be politicized. 

Governor Scott Walker also said today he proposes the slashed funding to the Great Lakes.

To date, this program has put 2.2 billion dollars into restoring the Great Lakes Area. 

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