Local kids get behind-the-scenes look at Wisconsin State Fair

NOW: Local kids get behind-the-scenes look at Wisconsin State Fair

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- If you're looking forward to Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs, you only have to wait two more days.

Kids with the Boys & Girls Club of Milwaukee got a chance to get them early however, as they got an inside look at the prep for the fair Tuesday.

"I didn't know that the room that the cream or coolers are in, I didn't know it was going to be that cold," said Zaaleyah Washington, one of the Boys & Girls Club members.

Kids like Zaaleyah said a lot surprised them about their experience Tuesday.

"We're bringing the kids in today, giving them the chance to see how STEM takes part in bringing the fair to life," said US Cellular official Tamara Tomczyyk.

She said as a sponsor of the fair, US Cellular officials want kids like Zaaleyah to have an inside look at how science, technology, engineering and math go into making everything from the rides to the cream puffs happen.

"Oftentimes they're in a classroom when they're learning about math and science," said Deonte Lewis with the Boys & Girls Club.

He said it's a valuable and educational real world experience.

"When you're looking at measurements, things of that sort, but also figuring out what is the quantity that's needed, they say they need 400,000 [cream puffs] but how do you break that down over the course of 11 days?" asked Lewis.

Zaaleyah said checking everything out definitely changed her perspective.

"I didn't know there was math that goes into baking stuff," said Zaaleyah.

The people who make it all happen say they're glad more people might become interested in being a part of the fair.

"We want to make sure that our cream puff tradition stays well into the future," said Original Cream Puffs Marketing Director Paula Hare.

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