Local gymnasts react to Simone Biles withdrawal from team finals

NOW: Local gymnasts react to Simone Biles withdrawal from team finals

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS58)-- A local gymnastic team is reacting Tuesday, July 27 after Simone Biles withdrew from the team finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

"This morning I got a notification on my phone saying that she dropped out. My mom and I were shocked. We were looking up so many articles," Emily Grining said. She is a 14-year-old gymnast at Wildcard Gymnastics in Brookfield. 

All-star gymnast Simone Biles pulled out of the women's team gymnastics final due to mental health concerns.

"It's been a long week, a long Olympic process. It's been a long year. I think we're all a little bit stressed out," Simone Biles said during a press conference. 

"I feel bad for her," Amy Grining said. She is the owner and director at Wildcard Gymnastics.

She says she teaches her girls to speak up if they are mentally or physically unable to practice or compete.

"The gymnastic community in all, it's been a push to have the kids speak out, if there's something hurting them or bothering them. we want to focus on them being a healthy person all over. not just physically but mentally," Amy  said.

"I really try to communicate to my peers and parents, all the adults that are around me when I am feeling down or just need a break," Emily  said.

Despite Biles' decision, Amy says Biles is still an inspiration to her girls and others she meets.

"Simone has just been a figure for everyone. everyone knows who Simone is. We often gets calls, my kid could be the next Simone," Amy continued to say. 

"Being one of the few black gymnasts, I think that's amazing," Emily said.

Amy says they're still thankful U.S. brought home silver. They're hoping Biles can compete in the individual events on Thursday.

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