Local gas stations taking action in after clerk's death

Gas station operators are on edge in the City of Waukesha.

The recent homicide of a station worker has made them that way.

CBS 58 found out that some local stations are taking measures to make sure their employees are safer.

A memorial sits outside the Waukesha Citgo gas station at Moreland Boulevard and White Rock Avenue.

\"The community support has been great”, said owner Muhammad Maqbool.

Waukesha Police say on January 13th, two men robbed the gas station.

One of the men had a gun.

Police say the armed robber shot and killed the store clerk, 65-year-old Saeed Sharwani at the counter.

The accused gunman and getaway driver are in custody.

A third suspect remains at large.

\"This gentleman was very nice. He had a family. He meant nothing but good. He was nice to me every time. Just more of shock and confusion”, said customer Joshua Lewis.

In wake of Sharwani's death, the gas station is tweaking their hours and adding more security.

\"We're installing like 12 new cameras. Our cashiers can pinpoint where everybody is coming from”, said Maqbool. “We're installing a whole bulletproof counter here.”

The Citgo station on Pewaukee Road is one of several in the area to change their hours completely after Sharwani's death.

\"Closing at 7 is hard for everyone when you get off work a little later”, said customer Lucas Pohlman. “But when something like that happens just right down the street, a neighborhood right there, it's a little scary.\"

A Clark gas station that's located down the road from the Citgo on White Rock Avenue is well lit, and visible.

The owner Summer Zaman says that's key to keeping a business safer.

\"As long as your windows are open, and a lot of people can see inside from outside when they're driving by, I think that will help a lot”, said Zaman.

The recent tragedy hasn't turned customers from going to the Citgo on White Rock Avenue.

\"It just has been the opposite of that, people supporting us. Going out of their way to show their support for us', said Maqbool.

There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction for the third suspect.

Darrin Malone remains at large.

The man accused of firing the shot that killed Sharwani was denied a reduction in bail

19-year-old Kenneth Thomas remains in custody on a one million dollar bond.

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