Local fire department helps save the life of a sheep stuck to a patch of ice

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis.(WSAW)-- A pregnant sheep suffering from severe frostbite and pneumonia is expected to make a full recovery, it was found frozen to the ground by its owner last week Thursday.

The owner Janice Becker said she was not able to lift the sheep on her own, so she called the Wisconsin Rapids Fire Department for help.

"I found her struggling to get up Thursday when it was about zero degrees and the wind gusts about 30 mph out of the northwest.

So it was really cold and she was barely making it, I didn't think she would live much longer," said Becker. "

When volunteers from the department arrived Becker said they were so friendly and were able to help her quickly.

"They rotated her so I could cut the wool that was frozen onto the ground and we were able to roll her into a sled and bring her to the barn where she was warm," said Becker. "I think it's remarkable that people are interested in one sheep's life Even though it's important to me I didn't think people would be interested."

Janice said the sheep is on her way to a full recovery thanks to the fire department.

"The fire men were really, really wonderful and they showed such concern. I thought you know it is special to live in a small community," expressed Becker. "

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