Local female veteran women honored for their service with 'I Am Not Invisible' exhibit

NOW: Local female veteran women honored for their service with ’I Am Not Invisible’ exhibit

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On Friday, acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson joined the War Memorial Center in honoring eight local veteran women. Their faces are displayed in the "I Am Not Invisible" exhibit.

"There's such a camaraderie and it just felt so -- I felt so honored to be in their presence because they're all wonderful, wonderful women that have done so much with their lives and are all very committed to military and veteran community," said Yolanda Medina, a Marines veteran.

The "I Am Not Invisible" campaign highlights women who have served the country in hopes of reminding people of their significant contributions.

"It's extremely important because you know a lot of young kids, they don't know that they can actually do this. And to see the diversity, you know you've got all the different branches represented, you have all different kind of career fields and listed officers. It lets them know -- hey, I can do that," said Gwen Shepard, an Airforce veteran.

The portraits will be displayed in City Hall's rotunda until the end of the month. The message of the exhibit is that girls can dream big.

"Remember to be who you are and dream big. Know who you are, remember who you are, never let anyone take that away from you and remember to do everything that your heart desires," said Dr. Berdie Cowser, Army veteran and member of the War Memorial Center.

The exhibit will appear in various libraries, schools and senior centers across Wisconsin

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