Local Dog Fell Off 10 Foot Cliff and was Trapped on Cliff's Edge on Water Line

A dog fell over a cliff at the quarry in Sheboygan and was trapped in the water on Tuesday night. 

According to Sheboygan Fire Department, three City of Sheboygan fire apparatus responded, with one of them having an inflatable boat on their rig.

The Battalion Chief also responded and while enroute directed dispatch to contact the Kohler Fire Department for their boat, and the Town of Sheboygan Fire Department for their 6x6 all terrain vehicle.

Sheboygan Fire Department located the owner and the dog along a path on the south end of the quarry.

The dog had fallen off of a 10 foot cliff, landed in the water, but was now trapped on the cliff’s ledge near the water line.

Although there was heavy brush blocking the way, a city firefighter was lowered to the ledge using a rope and harness.

Town of Sheboygan Fire Department used their 6x6 to assist the Kohler Fire Department in getting their boat launched from the beach.

As the boat reached the area where the dog fell in, the city firefighter was waiting, holding the dog in his arms.

The firefighter and dog were both assisted into the boat and taken back to the beach launch area. The dog, Lacy, was cold and wet, but uninjured.      

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