Local Debate Analysis From Marquette Professor

The first presidential debate is over, now both candidates are trying to spin the perception of victory to their side. To help cut through the spin, Paul Nolette, Associate Professor of Political Science for Marquette University, joined us live on the CBS 58 News at 4.

Nolette gives a slight edge to Hillary Clinton's performance on Monday night. "Despite a strong start by Donald Trump, I would say that Hillary probably made more of the points she wanted to make in this debate." he said.

Nolette says Trump did well early on the free trade issue, "and going after Clinton for her long period of public service that he characterized as not being very strong," but Nolette says Trump could not sustain his momentum "As the debate went on, he got more rattled I thought."

This exchange between Clinton and Trump may be the most memorable of the debate, according to Nolette. "I do think it was one of the most important of the night because it really hits Trump on his biggest vulnerability, his preparation for president.

Attention will soon focus on the vice presidential debate on Tuesday, October 4. Walker made news today because this week he is pretending to be a Democrat. He'll stand in as Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine in debate preparations with the GOP VP candidate, Mike Pence. Nolette thinks the choice is interesting because "Walker didn't exactly have the most memorable debate performances when he was running for president." But Nolette thinks the Walker was chosen because "he can kind of mimic Kaine's personality I think... and that's one of the more important things that a stand in for these debates needs to do," he said.

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