Local College Student Sells Trees Christmas Trees he Planted to Help Pay for Tuition

 A local college student is cutting down his tuition bills in a unique way.

Just in time for the holiday season -- using trees he planted with his family.

UW Whitewater Freshman Caleb Rausch started selling Christmas trees last year.

He came up with the idea to use the money for college, after looking at the price tag on his tuition, which is well into the thousands.

He started planting the trees with his family back in 2008, and now that they've fully developed orders are pouring in.

More than three dozen trees have already been sold, with much of the word getting around from social media. 

While Rausch said his business probably won't pay for all of his tuition, he's grateful for the support from the community.

"When I found out college was going to be so expensive, it was actually quite shocking. I didn't know how I was going to do it. But things are working out, and the future looks bright," said Caleb Rausch. 

To order a tree from Caleb, you can reach him at 262-210-5606.

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