Local cat café rescues homeless kitten in Cairo

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Sip & Purr Cat Café will be caring for a cat rescued from Egypt.

The cat café's founder, Katy McHugh, was in Cairo with her 12-year-old son when they stumbled upon the kitten, now named Nala. The kitten was found living alone in a cage inside of a pet store. There were no other cats in sight.

“The kitten was in rough shape, clearly malnourished and sickly,” Katy McHugh said.

McHugh purchased Nala for $5.

Nala is now being fostered at the McHugh's home.

“She has a long way to go in terms of gaining weight and strength, receiving additional medical care, and adjusting to life in America,” McHugh said.

After fostering, Nala will make the move to Sip & Purr where she will socialize with other cats and humans, waiting to find the perfect family.

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