Local businesses could be impacted if US doesn't lift avocado ban on Mexico 🥑

NOW: Local businesses could be impacted if US doesn’t lift avocado ban on Mexico 🥑

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Vocado MKE is a new food trailer that will be hitting the streets around the Milwaukee area this spring.

Evan Nevels, the owner, started the business by frequenting festivals and farmers markets last year. Like the name says, it focuses on all-avocado dishes. 

While Nevels is preparing his menu for his first event in 2022, he is keeping a close eye on avocado prices. 

"If there's a limited amount of avocados, obviously the prices are going to go up. So we're going to have to pay more, so we're going to end up upping the prices on our menu," said Nevels. 

The shortage is being caused by a temporary ban on avocado shipments from Mexico into the US. The US Department of Agriculture halted all inspections after an American inspector received a death threat. 

Nevels says rising prices is one thing, but a lack of avocados could be detrimental to his business.

"Then we may have to pivot and postpone certain events or kind of just play it out and see what happens down the road," said Nevels. 

He hopes it can all be resolved before May 7, as he prepares to open his window to customers for the first time. 

"Hopefully the ban gets lifted and we can get avocados again, but that would be a really unfortunate situation," said Nevels.

It's unclear how long the ban will last, but it is temporary.  

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