Local bike shop helps Brazilian man after continent-crossing journey brings him to Milwaukee

NOW: Local bike shop helps Brazilian man after continent-crossing journey brings him to Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Brazilian man is on one epic ride. He's traveling from Argentina to Alaska on a motorcycle. Although Wisconsin wasn't on the way, fate brought him here just in time for Harley's 115th anniversary.

"100 days, I've completed 100 days of travel," said Rafael Gouvea.

Gouveau is a Brazilian lawyer who left his job behind to take his 2003 Harley Road King on a continent-crossing journey.

He planned to go from Argentina up to Alaska. While traveling up the west coast, he started having motorcycle problems. He feared he'd miss out on the Harley Davidson's 115th celebration so he put Alaska on hold.

"I am at the home of the motorcycle, the birthplace of it," said Gouvea.

But no one could help him make the repairs he needed until someone made a call to Robert Schopf at 2 Boss Performance.

"I got a phone call from a guy who out of the blue. He said hey there is this guy from Brazil that he's been turned away by all the motorcycle shops in town and I said what kind of need does he have? He told me he has engine problems, he's using a lot of oil. I said send him over," said Robert Schopf with 2 Boss Performance. 

Schopf offered his shop and a place for Gouveau to pitch his tent.

"I was very surprised with people that I didn't even know. Simply enough they would come up to me and tell me that my motorcycle was cool that they wanted to help me, saying they would have a safe space for me to store my motorcycle and those same people would take me to get to know the city," said Gouveau.

"We are going to donate the labor to him and the facility, all of our tools to get him back on the road," said Schopf.

Gouveau has made a lot of stops along the way, tracking his journey on social media. On Monday, they fixed the engine with donated parts from other companies.

"He's a biker. I mean he's a guy that lives on his motorcycle, camps on the land. It's freedom, he is living the American dream just on his motorcycle that's why I love being in this business," said Schopf.

Although he still has a long way to go, Rafael continues his dream of completing the route he set for his life, with experiences that would help him achieve his goal of this inspiring journey; to learn and to teach. 

If you'd like to help Rafael along his journey, you can click here to donate

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