Local Bars, Restaurants Prepare for Super Bowl I Re-Air

Preparations are happening for the Super Bowl at a Milwaukee sports bar. While Super Bowl 50 isn't for a few weeks, the first Super Bowl will be re-aired for the first time in 50 years according to CNNMoney. 
It will be on the NFL Network on Friday. CNNMoney reports the original aired broadcast was taped over or destroyed. NFL films dug through their archives, and with a number of sources put together all 145 plays.
Steny's Tavern & Grill is one of the local bars showing the game. They said they'll treat it like any other Packer game. The re-air is especially exciting for Jerry Steny, the owner of Steny's Tavern & Grill. He's already seen a few of those plays; his parents went to that game and brought back clips on their home video camera.
"That was their first packer game ever that they ever went to. and they got tickets to go to the first Super Bowl. my dad had one of those old 8 mm super 8 cameras. he took pictures of them. i remember when he came back we were sitting in the living room watching it on TV on those little screens," said Steny.
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