Local artist makes Summerfest flannels out of recycled material

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's not just music at the Big Gig. Summerfest is a showcase for all kinds of artists.

Staci Yates is the creative mind behind a popular new flannel shirt at Summerfest.

She uses recycled material to create the famous Summerfest logo on the back. People are so in love with her creations, the store sold out of her work. Yates is now making more. 

She says buying local creates a ripple effect in more ways than one.

"When you buy something from a local artist, you're buying a piece of their hearts," Yates said. "We put everything into our work, and maybe to some people it seems like a simple task. But there are so many hours of failure that go into any piece."

Yates also turns leather belts into bracelets and watches.

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