Local advocates react to President Trump's proposal on merit based immigration

NOW: Local advocates react to President Trump’s proposal on merit based immigration

President Donald Trump unveiled a new merit based immigration proposal Wednesday.

"They are not gonna come in and just immediately come in and collect welfare," the President said at the Roosevelt Room of the White House with Senators from Arkansas and Georgia by his side..

It's called Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment  of RAISE.

It established a points based system for acquiring a green car while preventing immigration from collecting welfare.

One of the provisions included giving preference to immigrant who speak English, have financial stability and demonstrate useful skills.

The president says it will protect those Americans who are already working and strengthen the economy by reducing the drain on the welfare system.

"Offended, shock," Adriana Cancino-Carranca of Voces de la Frontera tells CBS 58 News. "It's very racist saying we're only going to pick and choose. Anybody should have the opportunity to come and be with their family. Being able to pick and chose is not right at all." 

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