Lime e-scooters hit Milwaukee streets, other company applications under review

NOW: Lime e-scooters hit Milwaukee streets, other company applications under review

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- City officials have confirmed Lime is the first company to be approved to bring electric scooters to Milwaukee streets. 

The Department of Public Works expects Lime will bring an initial fleet of 500 e-scooters for use as soon as Tuesday, July 23. Of the 500 scooters that Lime is bringing to Milwaukee, 400 are expected to be available in Zone 1, which includes downtown Milwaukee, with 50 scooters available in Zones 2 and 3. To see a zone map, please click here. 

Two other e-scooter companies, Bird and Spin, also applied and their applications are currently under review. Earlier in July, the Milwaukee Common Council passed an ordinance to create a pilot program that allows companies like Bird and Lime to operate in the city. The ordinance also established safety guidelines. 

The e-scooters were illegal on Wisconsin streets until Governor Tony Evers signed a bill legalizing them in the state. 

Mayor Barrett says they are taking steps to ensure everyone's safety and that the e-scooters are not littering the streets when they come to Milwaukee. 

“We know that that has been a challenge in other communities and again the ordinance that we passed has some pretty strict requirements. It requires a representative from the actual companies to be here in Milwaukee. It has pretty strict requirements when the scooters and how quickly the scooters have to be picked up and there’s fines if they’re not and we are working with other communities on this because it’s really an industry influence right now. Not in a bad way, but it’s an industry influx." Mayor Barrett said. 

The maximum speed limit for dockless scooters is 15 miles-per-hour. Users must obey the rules of the road and park responsibly; riding on the sidewalk is prohibited, and parking on the Riverwalk is prohibited. 

DPW has communicated to Lime that they must educate their users on the proper use of scooters, including the following:

  • Riding scooters on sidewalks is prohibited and violators are subject to a fine
  • Scooters must be parked as to not impede pedestrian access

Lime is also responsible for handling all complaints, informing riders how to safely use scooters and its systems, and providing the necessary education and training. Lime customer service is available at [email protected] 1-888-546-3345. The company can be found online at or on Facebook/Twitter @limebike.

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