Letter carriers deliver tips during National Dog Bite Prevention Week

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee area letter carriers say angry dogs are a real problem, and the U.S. Postal Service has ideas on how you can make it less of a problem.

Milwaukee ranks 29th in the nation for the most dog attacks against letter carriers. 12 letter carriers in Milwaukee were victims in 2013. While that number may not sound like a lot, it's enough to strike fear in people just trying to do their job.

Juan Casiano's been a letter carrier in Milwaukee for 15 years, and was attacked in 2013. He delivered mail and when a resident opened their door to get the mail, their dog ran out and grabbed onto Juan's leg. He reacted quickly enough to shake the dog off before getting bitten.

Casiano says he was disappointed more than anything, because he spoke to the homeowner before the incident about controlling her dog. He says the message has yet to sink in.

Letter carriers are handing out blue cards to residents with dogs that pose a danger as part of National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

It tells them how they can prevent attacks and bites by being a responsible pet owner. Some ideas include putting your dog in a separate room before opening the front door and keeping it on secure on a leash.

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