Leap Day Mom Gives Birth on Leap Day Baby

Rockford, Ill. (WIFR / CNN) A Rockford mother now shares her birthday with her newborn who was born on Leap Day, according to WIFR. 
Levi Rittmeyer was born on a leap day, where the chances of that happening are one in about 1400.
What makes this moment even more mind boggling his mom, Kristy, shares the same birthday. Those chances are even smaller -- one in two million.
"My husband actually this year said, I want this year to be special because you actually have a birthday this year, but we weren't planning on this,"  said Kristy Rittmeyer.
Kand her husband Nathanael welcomed Levi a little after 6:00 AM at a healthy six pounds, eight ounces at Rockford Memorial Hospital.
Kristy turns seven in leap years, and knows all too well what it's like having such a special birthday.
"It'll probably be interesting explaining to him as he's growing up how he has a birthday every four years. Explain how that works when he gets older, but I've gone through the same experience. It's fun. It's unique,” said Kristy Rittmeyer.
Levi will be in pre-k when he officially turns one, the couple says he'll come first on every upcoming birthday.
"In the future it'll probably be more about him than my birthday, but it'll be fun to celebrate both together,” said Kristy Rittmeyer.
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