Lawyer argues for jury sequestration in Slenderman stabbing case

NOW: Lawyer argues for jury sequestration in Slenderman stabbing case

The trial for the two young girls accused of stabbing their classmate is in just a few months.

Lawyers for the girls want to shield the jurors from any outside influence.

Two weeks prior, the judge heard the same request for Morgan Geyser. The clerk says that Judge Bohren did not want to make any decisions until he heard from Anissa Weier's lawyer.

Weier's lawyer asked for the jury to be kept from any distractions outside of court, giving examples of all the information that has been public from the media and the internet.

The judge says he considers more than press coverage when it comes to sequestering a jury.

He's worried about a person pushing information on a juror since there are certain things they're not supposed to know or consider during the trial.

He says people have already tried to make contact with the defendants in this case and might do the same to the jurors.

"The court is aware of pushes and attempts to communicate with, attempts to say nasty things, do nasty things about members of the victim or the defendants in these cases from members of the public who do so over the public domain, various emails, and public discussion points -- the social media."

One thing the judge did rule on today... that the jury will be from Waukesha County. He will make the decision on whether they'll be sequestered for both Weier and Geyser sometime next week.

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