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Lawmakers say vote on Bucks arena bill expected in Senate tomorrow

The new Bucks arena in downtown Milwaukee is close to taking another major step forward.

Milwaukee State Senator Chris Larson says he's voting yes on a Bucks arena. We're also hearing that vote in the senate will come Wednesday. 

Senator Lena Taylor, who came straight from negotiations to the town hall meeting held by Alderman Bob Bauman the meeting. She tells us a vote is expected Wednesday. 

\"Go Bucks! I don't know what will happen in both houses but I anticipate there will be support and I anticipate there will be changes to get that support,\" said State Senator Lena Taylor. 

With cheers and jeers from both sides thru out the presentation, Mayor Tom Barrett presented 33 slides, saying he wanted to share his vision for the arena. 

\"I'm here to support the Milwaukee Bucks because I think they're a valued part of the community and the state. We're from Manitowoc and we're coming here just to support and hope this arena can get built,\" said Bucks fan Mason Galotta. 

\"We were told with the last stadium would be paid off. It's not. We were told we'd get a good team. We got the worst team. What are we gonna get with basketball? Probably the same thing,\" said Chris Mier. 
Though Barrett says the money Milwaukee makes from Bucks games, parking and even the player's salaries is in the tens of millions and the city would lose big without them. But opponents are far more concerned with how the arena is paid for.

\"We think they could afford to build a stadium on their own. They're the ones that stand to make millions of extra dollars as owners,\" said Rob Ater from  Southeast Wisconsin Common Ground. 

Sen. Taylor says she had her issues with the bill, but is ok with where it stands now. 

\"There's never a perfect bill, what I will say is there's been some major issues addressed and I think there are individuals who were no's that will be able to support,\" said Taylor. 

And while Barrett understands there are still many hurdles ahead, like Taylor, he's optimistic

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