Law enforcement, security teams patrol in tandem for summer festival safety

It's summer festival season in Milwaukee, a time where large crowds and drinking can cause chaos.

Add to that an already violent year in the city, and law enforcement and security teams are finding strength in numbers to keep things under control.

\"We've had zero problems at any outdoor venues for these concerts,\" said John Nelson.

Nelson, the safety and security training manager for Milwaukee County Parks, said he wants to keep that way at all parks events, including Chill on the Hill.

Thousands of people in one area at one time make it critical for his staff to be ready to handle any situation. That's why they're trained by the House of Corrections and the Sheriff's Department.

\"We train them on everything, from tactical communications, personal safety and awareness,\" he said.

The rangers patrol the area in teams of two, looking for suspicious activity and making sure pedestrians can safely cross the street.

Close by is also help from Sheriff's deputies, Milwaukee police and possibly local law enforcement agencies.

\"At anytime, you never really know what can happen,\" said Fred Schneider, Jr., parent. \"So, it's always good to have that presence and make sure everyone does feel safe and there's no worries when they do come down here.\"

It's a similar partnership at the Summerfest grounds for PrideFest. Only here, volunteers serve as security too, adding more eyes and ears to help keep order.

\"They're our tier one security,\" said Terrance Raffeet, PrideFest security director. \"There's also Summerfest security on staff and Milwaukee police.\"

Raffeet said the collaboration is why PrideFest has the least amount of incidents. Volunteers are trained to look out everything, including underage drinking and how handle it.

\"If they're agreeable, you check their ID and you get them banded,\" Raffeet said. \"If they're not, you call one of your supervisors we'll come over and handle that.\"

There are no metal detectors for PrideFest, but purses and bags will be checked at the gate. Also remember, guns are not allowed on the grounds for any event, even if you have a concealed carry license.

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