Latino Arts, Inc. kicks off 'Day of the Dead' featuring live music and special 'Ofrendas' exhibit

NOW: Latino Arts, Inc. kicks off ’Day of the Dead’ featuring live music and special ’Ofrendas’ exhibit

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Latino Arts, Inc. kicked off its "Día de los Muertos," or "Dead of the Dead," celebration on Thursday, Oct. 28, featuring musical performances and a colorful exhibit at the United Community Center (UCC). 

The community organization has a slate of events planned now through Nov. 13, including an art exhibition, concert, "lunch and learn," and a wine and painting event.

One of the big draws is the Day of the Dead "Ofrendas" exhibit, showcasing traditional and non-traditional ofrendas, which are offerings or home alters created by students, community members, local schools and the Mexican Consulate. 

"It focuses on the tradition of ofrendas which is a very special, unique way to commemorate loved ones or family members who have passed away," said Jacobo Lovo, managing artistic director at Latino Arts, Inc. "It's very important for us to look at an ofrenda and acknowledge there is some deeply cultural and historical significance to it and there's elements that are both indigenous and that fusion that occurred when the Spanish came and conquered the Aztec Empire."

There is a variety of ofrendas at the exhibit, including one which touched on topics related to gun violence. There's also one paying tribute to first responders who have been on the front lines of the pandemic. 

The exhibit will be at UCC through Nov. 12. 

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