Latest Marquette Law School Poll shows majority want gun laws changed

NOW: Latest Marquette Law School Poll shows majority want gun laws changed


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- It was the first Marquette Law School Poll to ask about gun laws since the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton.

The poll was conducted before the shootings in Odessa, Texas.

Last month, Governor Evers and Democrats introduced a bill on universal background checks -- a proposal that has 80% approval among those polled, with only 16% disapproving.

The poll also looked at another proposal supported by Governor Evers and Democrats. So called 'red flag laws' have 81% approval and 12% disapproval. There's also strong support when those numbers are broken down by people who have firearms in their household or not.

But despite the public support for these measures, Republican leadership opposes them.

CBS 58 News reached out for reaction on Wednesday but had not heard back from Speaker Robin Vos or Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

Here's what they said last month, however:

"There's going to be a constituency that votes Republican and that means registering your firearm and they're going to be opposed to it," said Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.

"My hope is that we can focus on what can actually get done and that's dealing with mental health issues, making sure people make better decisions as opposed to taking away people's constitutional rights with very dubious reasons and with very limited, if any, effective results," said Rep. Robin Vos.

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