Last day to submit public comments on proposed WE Energies rate changes

MILWAUKEE -- WE Energies is asking to change its electricity rates for customers in 2015-16 and today is the last day to submit written comments on the proposal.

The proposed changes include adding a new charge for clean energy system owners, which could be applied to all clean energy system owners starting January 1, 2016.

WE Energies customers who have installed a solar or wind system on their property would have to pay the company $3.80 per kilowatt per month, based on the size of the system. This amounts to about $192 a year for a homeowner with a 4 kilowatt solar system, according to an outline of the proposal. WE Energies says the new rate is necessary because customers who generate their own power are not paying a fair share of electricity grid costs. 

A second change includes a rate increase for all residents. The fixed cost on residential and small commercial customer bills would go from $9 a month to $16 a month. The set cost applies to all residential energy bills, regardless of how much or how little electricity is used, according to the proposal.

Public comments are being taken ahead of ruling on the case by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. Comments can be submitted on the PSC website and residents who submit comments will be allowed to testify at a public hearing on the case Oct 8. at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. at Wilson Senior Center, 2601 W. Howard Avenue. 

WE Energies offers more information on the proposal on its website

The PSC will make a decision on the proposed rate changes in December. 


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