"This is summer in Milwaukee": Outdoor workers try to beat the heat

NOW: “This is summer in Milwaukee“: Outdoor workers try to beat the heat

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- People working outside are trying to stay cool in the hot weather. 

Michael Porter, who works for a landscaping company, says he and his co-workers are trying to catch up from a rainy spring and have to put in long hours even when it's hot. 

"Normally we would take a shorter day, but with the amount of rain that we've had throughout the spring this year, we're still going. Obviously, if somebody's starting to feel lightheaded we let them go," said Porter. 

"Drink plenty of water. Go inside when you're done. But overall, this is summer in Milwaukee. This is how it should feel," said Steve Palasz, who works outdoors.

Porter also said he has a water cooler full of ice in his truck so there's always something cold nearby. 

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