Lakefront Brewery promotes new fundraiser to give back to Ukrainian communities

NOW: Lakefront Brewery promotes new fundraiser to give back to Ukrainian communities

MILWAUKEE, (CBS 58) -- For the last six years, Ukraine has meant a lot to a local Milwaukee brewery. And now, that brewery is looking to give back with a creative fundraiser that could send $10,000 to Ukrainian refugees.

This is it. It's a crowler. It's how to take home 36 ounces of your favorite tap beer. Well, starting in a week or two, Lakefront Brewery's label is going to say something about Putin that might make you chuckle.

Here is Lakefront Brewery's 36-ounce can -- The Crowler.

Once all the labels are printed, you can order one that says Putin is something that rhymes with "stick".

"Putin is a d***, sorry. I mean imagine someone coming here to Milwaukee and tossing bombs here and there. It's ludicrous to think this is happening and it's 2022. So the more help the better," said Michael Stodola, Lakefront Brewery Brand Manager.

The special label will cost you an extra five dollars. But Lakefront is matching that, donating $10 for every crowler sold to the humanitarian, assistance to the Ukraine fund.

"I think it's awesome. I think it's hilarious. Putin is definitely a d***," said Kyle Hopfensperger of Germantown.

"I think it's just pro everything. I love it. It just shows a great stance on where we need to be at," said Brett Johnson of Waupaca.

Lakefront exports to only four countries. Ukraine is one of them.

"We're all behind them and it's amazing how worldwide this effort is," said Stodola.

Lakefront exports two containers of beer to Ukraine every year. These are photos of their export manager in Ukraine where he first tasted the beer they call "Putin is a bleep".

"Their Putin beer is a beer that they've been brewing for many years. That's aside from our beer that we brewed with them which is called Milwaukee Lviv," said Andy Jungwirth, Lakefront Brewery export manager and social media manager.

But in the last week, the friends he has made in Ukraine have made the attacks even more heartbreaking because it's personal.

"They're telling me that they will win, that they are strong, that they will continue fighting," said Jungwirth.

Now in the night sky, a blue and gold show of support outside of Lakefront Brewery as well.

"I'm glad the people of Milwaukee are putting this in the right perspective and you know love should win and this kind of thing should go away," said Pranab Dogra, a former Milwaukee resident.

So we got the sneak peak at the Putin labels. They are expected to be here in the next week or two.

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