Kyle Rittenhouse spokesperson reacts to trial outcome; 'He can live a free life now'

NOW: Kyle Rittenhouse spokesperson reacts to trial outcome; ’He can live a free life now’

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A spokesperson for Kyle Rittenhouse tells us he and his family left the courthouse relatively quickly after the trial concluded. 

"Relief" and "relaxed" -- those are the two words the Rittenhouse spokesperson is using to describe their emotions following the verdict. 

Following a not guilty on all charges verdict, David Hancock says Rittenhouse is ready to move on and be a free 18-year-old man.

Hancock says Rittenhouse was "dragged through the mud" with lies this past year, telling CBS 58 he's a caring, empathetic and civic-minded young man. 

"He's got some things to say and I think... you're going to be even more surprised by who Kyle actually is, more people get to know him better," said Hancock. 

As for what's next for Rittenhouse, Hancock said he is going to Arizona State University, and added there is concern for his safety. 

Supporters of Rittenhouse erupted in cheers on the steps of the Kenosha County Courthouse after the verdict was decided.

“Kyle, you’re a man among men. Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently,” Brandon Lesco said. “You hold your head up high for the rest of your life. You earned it.”

It came as a surprise to some when Rittenhouse took the stand to testify during the trial. Hancock said it was never a question.

“He always wanted to take the stand. He was always going to take the stand, because he wanted to tell his story,” Hancock said.

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