Kramer's attorney says he'll plead not guilty to sexual assault charges

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The attorney for State Representative Bill Kramer says Kramer will plead not guilty to the sexual assault charges against him.

Kramer was stonefaced and didn't speak to reporters during Monday morning's initial appearance.

Kramer faced a room full of media during his appearance. He didn't show any emotions and sat with his head down before he was called.   He posted signature bond and left the courthouse without answering repeated questions from the media.  He's not allowed to have contact with the victim, her residence, or where she works.  He's also not allowed at any place that serves alcohol. 

Kramer lost the number two position in the state assembly -  majority leader --  last month after two women accused him of sexual harassment.   Kramer was then charged with sexual assault -- after a third woman came forward and accused him of forcibly groping and kissing her three years ago.

His attorney says there's a kneejerk reaction to discredit or destroy politicians - but people forget he's presumed innocent.

\"In this case, the judge assigned is a very well-respected, long-term sitting judge who will not tolerate this case being tried in the media,\" Kramer's Attorney, Edwardo Borda said.  \"I can assure you as well he will not allow his courtroom to become a circus or a carnival like atmopshere.\"

Kramer's attorney also said the defense will scrutinize the claims and the conduct of each witness in this case.

Kramer hasn't resigned as many have in the state legislature demanded.  He already said he will not run for re-election -- when his current term expires in November. 

Kramer will be back in court May 15.

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