Kohler Co. files petition to annex Town of Wilson with City of Sheboygan

NOW: Kohler Co. files petition to annex Town of Wilson with City of Sheboygan

Kohler Company wants the City of Sheboygan to annex property in the Town of Wilson. So, the company will be able to work under Sheboygan’s regulations.  

The Kohler Company owns 200 acres of land along Lake Michigan. It is looking to turn it into a world famous golf course but there are mixed reviews.

Kohler said the city is better off financially to host to an 18 hole golf course. Golfer Mark Meseck believes it will bring more money to the area.

"The more the merrier even if I don't golf there, somebody will,” said Meseck.

But for some who live in the Black River Forest, they want to keep the land the way it is.

"The Town of Wilson will be impacted immediately because of construction run off and everything else. Whereas the City of Sheboygan will not suffer,” said Mary Faydash, Friends of Black River Forest.

The filed petition will go to the Planning Commission for more review. A public informational meeting on the annexation is scheduled on May 30.

See the full Kohler statement below:

“Kohler Co. is committed to an open dialogue with City officials and its neighbors about our proposed golf course project, and people understand that Kohler Co. has an established track record of good business and environmental stewardship. We are committed to being a good neighbor and following all of the municipal, state and federal regulations that apply.

We are seeking to have the company’s property and site of the proposed Sheboygan County golf course project annexed to the City of Sheboygan. Because the City is in a fiscally stable position to serve as a host community for a world-class golf destination, we believe it is in the public’s best interest to have the project be located here. The City of Sheboygan is able to provide on a long-term basis the appropriate level of services to both the project and residents.

It is important to remember that potential annexation would not impact the ongoing review by the State Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our 18-hole, public golf course will be a tremendous benefit to the region, creating hundreds of jobs and an annual, multimillion dollar positive economic impact. This is a good project that makes sense for the community. Our proposed golf course will be accomplished in an environmentally responsible manner that will benefit the community and enhance the land for generations to come.”

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