'Know who you are hiring': BBB warns residents about snow removal scams

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Although the weather is warming up, many people are still dealing with ice and snow piles near or on their homes.

The Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin is warning residents to be aware of common winter storm scams and how to not become a victim.

The BBB says scammers will likely show up on your doorstep and offer to remove snow or fix any damage from storms.

“The main point is know who you are hiring,” BBB Serving Wisconsin spokesperson Lisa Schiller said. “Watch out for unsolicited offers.”

Schiller explained that many contractors follow the weather and someone who shows up in a neighborhood offering their services might not be from the area or even the state.

“A lot of companies will hit an area and they’ll go door to door,” Schiller said. “They follow the storms, they follow the weather and we’ve seen a pattern of this over the years.”

Schiller said it is extremely important for residents to do their research and get several estimates before hiring someone for the job.

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