Kitty Litter and Ice Scrapers: Are you Ready for Incoming Snow?

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Monday's predicted snow event might be the first bad one for the Milwaukee-metro. And even though we go through it every year it always catches some people off-guard.

The most obvious way to protect yourself is to take it easy on the roads. CBS 58 News has gotten word from city of Waukesha Public Works that they'll have trucks pre-treating their streets starting at 7 a.m. 

But even with that extra help - slow it down - and make sure you have all your snow supplies ready to go.

If you've wanted to find ice in Milwaukee this winter season so far you'd only find it at a skate rink - like the Slice of Ice downtown.

CBS 58 News met Kiki Tiepel at the rink. She's from Shorewood and says she's heard all about the potential for incoming snowy weather.

"We put the shovels near the back door and we're ready. We're ready for anything," Tiepel said.

"We love to shovel. We love to get outside and play in the snow and make snowmen and whatever. So we're ready," Tiepel said.

Others are also trying to be proactive...

"Today we got a great deal on the Peak de-icer for the car," Debra Davis said. She was loading her car up after checking out from the Ace Hardware in West Allis.

Floor Manager Jean Ross says, even in Wisconsin, standard winter items are annually in-demand.

The summer pool supplies section now has been changed over to shovels. And there's a full side of shelves packed with ice scrapers - something people seem to lose every year.

"It's just like extension cords at Christmas. Where do the extension cords go?" Ross said.

"[customers] are very excited in the beginning - like today and tomorrow. But then it's really fun to work on the day that it snows because people are just so excited. I just love it because the day just flies. I love to work those days," Ross said.

The most popular item before a big snow or ice event is salt, Ross said. But people are always browsing for snowblowers (even in August, she adds).

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