Kids Present Thank You Letters to Milwaukee Police

CBS 58-- Milwaukee police officers were called to the Boys and Girls Club at Pierce Elementary School Thursday, so a group of kids could say thanks.

The students hand wrote letters to police and read them aloud.

“Thank you, I am happy you love us and take care of us,” 8-year-old Ajaaniah Orr wrote.

the kids at the boys and girls club shared powerful words with Milwaukee Police Thursday

“Your families must be so proud of you for caring so much about others that you jeopardize your own safety to promote peace,” another student wrote.

During the writing process, teachers say the students talked about their interactions with police.

“They’ve had experiences where the police came and protected their family,” said Mrs. Gordon McDowell, the acting club manager. “They need to know they are served and protected by those people in blue.”

And though the kids were excited to see the police, it's the officers who were in awe.

”My heart right now is just pounding because it's overwhelming,” said Officer Edward Ciano.

For the adults in the room, the message goes far beyond the words on the paper.

“I think to build that trust early on and they learn very quickly that these are friends, we are there to help,” Ciano said.

Officers plan to share the envelope full of thanks with everyone in the department.

“They are so wonderful and great and I just love them,” said 3rd grader Azaria Givoney.

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