Kids and officers from Milwaukee's District 2 enjoy Cops and Bobbers fishing event

NOW: Kids and officers from Milwaukee’s District 2 enjoy Cops and Bobbers fishing event

PEWAUKEE, Wis. -- (CBS 58) Milwaukee police officers spent Wednesday morning getting area kids hooked on fishing.

Nearly a couple dozen kids have quite the fish tales to tell and it's not just about what they caught but also the new friends they made in the Milwaukee police officers.

This is the 9th year for the Cops and Bobbers event. Wednesday's event was just one of 15 events happening throughout the summer.

The kids from Christ St. Peter Lutheran School and police officers from district 2 headed out onto Pewaukee lake early Wednesday morning for some fishing and quality conversation.

Organizers say this is a chance for kids to get to know the person behind the badge and the kids loved the event as much as the officers did.

"You could see that they actually care," said Annie Polo, 14. "They’re not just doing their job. They actually care about the people they’re helping."

"Everyday they see us just dealing with problems in the community so now they get to see us in a different aspect," said Roberto Sanchez, a Milwaukee police officer. "Just if it’s fishing, interacting, talking to them - they see us in a whole new different light when we’re not in our work uniform."

All of the fish caught were released back into the water. Cops and Bobbers is a part of the Cops and Kids Pogram. It runs solely on donations. For more information on when the next event is and how to donate, click here.

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