Kenosha's My Sister's House Organization provides resources to families in need

NOW: Kenosha’s My Sister’s House Organization provides resources to families in need

KENOSHA (CBS 58) -- As all eye remain on the courthouse during the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, local leaders have worked for the last 15 months since the deadly protest shooting to create change. 

Kenosha's My Sister's House is an organization founded by local activist Elizabeth Webb. She works to provide resources to families in need. 

She says many families are struggling and either don't know about resources available or may not have access to them. 

In the case of Jacob Blake, the day Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey shot him, officers initially responded to a domestic dispute. 

Webb said its possible if families like Blake's or others in similar situations had access to resources that could help alleviate the problem, the police would have never had to be called in the first place.

She also lives in Kenosha's uptown neighborhood, which was heavily damaged in the unrest of August 2020. She shared her concerns about potential unrest following a verdict in the Rittenhouse trial with CBS 58's Pauleen Le.

For more information on My Sister's House, click here.

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