Kenosha woman charged with first degree reckless homicide in husband's death

NOW: Kenosha woman charged with first degree reckless homicide in husband’s death

KENOSHA, Wis. -- A bizarre death investigation in Kenosha has led to a woman being charged in her husband's possible suicide.

Dawn McDermid, 62 was in court Monday to hear the four charges filed against her including first degree reckless homicide and assisting suicide. It's a case that has neighbors shocked that something like this could happen in their community.

McDermid was wheeled into the Kenosha County courtroom and at times appeared to be crying.

Officials found her husband, Robert Garcia's body last week in the garage of their home in Kenosha. The criminal complaint stated the garage was closed, the car inside was still running and Garcia had his wrist slit - something McDermid admitted to police she did. Police also found empty prescription bottles nearby

“Nothing like that has ever happened,” said Coleen Taminger a neighbor.

Taminger has lived in the building next door for more than 14 years. She said she was shocked when she heard what happened.

“It's a real quiet neighborhood,” she said. “People walk their dogs and ride their bikes and it's just a real quiet neighborhood.”

Garcia was supposed to be in court facing domestic abuse charges the day he was found dead and he told his wife he couldn't survive in jail mentioning suicide several times in the past.

The complaint went on to say she left the house that afternoon and was told by her husband he was going to commit suicide that day and if he was still alive when she returned, that she should, "finish it for him."

Investigators also point to an email exchange McDermid had with a friend that suggested she may have planned to kill her husband.

“This defendant does talk about ways to stage the scene,” said Jason Zapf, Kenosha County assistant district attorney. “What emotion and demeanor to show the police, what to say to them when they arrive and going so far as to talk about setting up a false alibi.”

The medical examiner is still working to determine exactly what caused Garcia’s death. Mcdermid was given a $500,000 cash bond. Her next court appearance is Nov. 15

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