Kenosha woman accused of selling diseased dogs, charged with mistreatment of animals

NOW: Kenosha woman accused of selling diseased dogs, charged with mistreatment of animals

KENOSHA (CBS 58) -- A Kenosha woman is accused of selling diseased dogs to multiple people around June of 2019.

Jacqulyn Hutchison, 37, is charged with:

  • Mistreatment of animals
  • Mistreating animals - intentional or negligent violation (three counts)
  • Negligently provide improper animal shelter sanitation standards
  • Intentionally or negligently provide improper outdoor animal shelter - sun 
  • Providing proper drink to confined animals

According to the criminal complaint, investigators got information that a woman had sold four puppies with Parvovirus.

A woman named Autumn Carpper advertised the Shepherd/ Pit mix puppies on Craiglist. 

Mary Shackett saw the puppies posted on Facebook. 

“I was super excited, it was like love at first sight kind of deal," said Shackett.

But when she went to pick up the puppy, something was off. She ended up picking what she thought was the runt of the litter and named him "Bo." 

"He was so small, and the feeling of his skin felt a little different," said Shackett. 

Autumn told Mary that the puppies had fleas, but after she took her dog to the veterinarian it turned out to be much more than that.  

“He had ringworm, heartworm, Parvo, he was underweight," said Shackett. 

After just one month, Bo passed away. 

Shackett kept in touch with the other women who purchased from the litter and found out she wasn't alone. 

“The next day another lady lost her puppy," said Shackett. 

Investigators found out that Autumn Carpper was really Jacqulyn Hutchison.  According to the criminal complaint, police got a warrant and found puppies lying in feces with no access to water or adequate shelter at her home. 

Mary says she's relieved that there may be some justice for Bo. 

“I tried everything to save him, just like I'd do for my own children, he was a family member," said Shackett. 

Hutchison is expected in court next week. 

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