Kenosha man arrested after chasing down teen he thought stole his bike

NOW: Kenosha man arrested after chasing down teen he thought stole his bike

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Kenosha man tried to chase down a teen who he thought stole his bike. But, it's the man and not the teen who ends up in handcuffs.

He's accused of making threats and using racial slurs.

Police say Michael Hauglie sped through a stop sign, swerving, and trying to catch a young man on a bicycle.

Officers eventually had both men sit down and Hauglie says his anger got the better of him.

"People are going to take one thing out of context and label me something else that I'm not," said Michael Hauglie.

Hauglie says he's not racist. Yet, when faced with a teenager he thought stole his bike, Police say he used racial slurs and threatened to kill the boy.

"I guess it's just the world we live in. It's just being exposed a bit more," said neighbor Bruce Franklin.

"It's really never okay at all but I'm just saying like for a child, where's the humanity? It's like we're in the '60s again," said witness Angelique Ely.

Hauglie says he recognized the teen because he's had to call the police on him before.

This time, Hauglie says the boy damaged his shed but didn't get away with any bikes.

"This is a regular thing with these kids coming and vandalizing our house, trying to steal bikes and that," said Hauglie.

Hauglie says he jumped in his truck to chase the boy just to detain him until police could arrive. Hauglie, however, then ended up in cuffs.

"The officer told me to shut up and I didn't exactly shut up when I should have," said Hauglie.

"That was shocking just to pull up and see all of that happening," said Franklin.

Hauglie says he's ashamed about what he said but no more than that.

"To the kid, honestly I don't really have an apology." 

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