Kenosha County sees 3 suspected drug overdoses in less than a week

NOW: Kenosha County sees 3 suspected drug overdoses in less than a week

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Kenosha County Medical Examiner is now spreading the word after three people died from a suspected overdose in less than one week between May 5 and May 9.

The medical examiner says two people died in the City of Kenosha, another in Twin Lakes.

"Last year we had 30 overdose deaths for 2019, so for three to happen in a short period of time is definitely alarming," Patrice Hall, Kenosha County Medical Examiner, said.

The Kenosha Fire Department says since May 1 they’ve responded to 15 opioid-related overdose calls, two of them fatalities. Six of those calls came on May 9.

Nine patients received Narcan from EMS, three were revived with Narcan before first responders arrived on scene.

KFD says ten men overdosed and five women ranging in age from 21-57 years old.

The medical examiner does not believe the increase in cases is related to the pandemic, but most likely caused by tainted drugs.

"We keep seeing fentanyl over and over again," she said.

Despite many places being closed for COVID-19, several resources are still available for people struggling with addiction including free virtual Narcan training, fentanyl test strips, and information packets available throughout the county.

"I’m just trying to keep people encouraged if they have a substance abuse disorder to seek help," Hall said. "There’s help out there. We want to help you."

So far this year there are 12 confirmed overdose deaths in Kenosha County. This number does not include the three most recent deaths.

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