Kenosha County Residents Spot Mountain Lion in Town of Wheatland

On Tuesday June 21st, 2016 at approximately 10:30 am two Wheatland residents living in the 35600 block of 52nd Street reported hearing then seeing a cougar in the back wood line area of a residence there. 

Both residents independently stated that they observed what they believe was a large cat consistent with a North American Mountain Lion / Cougar come out of the wood line.  The residents reported that the large cat appeared to be looking around and walking back and forth before retreating back into the woods.

One of the residents further advised that several chickens have gone missing from her residence in recent days but was unsure if this is related to the alleged cougar sighting today. 

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputies did respond along with a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Game Warden to check the area.  A Department of Natural Resources Biologist is responding to the scene to attempt to verify this report.

The Sheriff’s Department did send out a reverse emergency phone call (voice message and text) with an alert to area residents within a three mile radius to be aware of the alleged sighting with the following information:

Attention Wheatland residents, a cougar was seen in the 355 block of 52nd Street in Kenosha County.  Use caution with children, livestock and pets in outside areas and yards.

Kenosha County Sheriff, David Beth, is advising area residents to be aware that there could be a cougar in the area.  He further advises anyone that may witness this cougar to stay away from the animal and report the incident

Sheriff Beth advised that this type of incident is possible as cougars have been known to travel into areas of the Midwest outside of their normal ranges in the past

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