Kenosha County Health Department receives COVID vaccine

NOW: Kenosha County Health Department receives COVID vaccine

KENOSHA (CBS 58) -- The Kenosha County Division of Health says the county received 300 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine this week. 

Many of the doses were given to the Kenosha Fire Department, which has been trained to vaccinate EMTs. Others are being administered to first responders and other first-tier health care workers by county public health nurses, according to a press release. 

"Public health staff is very burnt out. We’re tired. It’s as if we’ve been fighting fires for nine straight months, ten straight months without any reprieve and when the vaccine came in, it was, the energy was palpable in the health department, and to see a tiny pinpoint of light at the end of this tunnel, to have the EMTs there, it was exciting," said Dr. Jen Freiheit, health officer for Kenosha County. 

"Just about every call we go on now seems to be related to COVID," said firefighter and paramedic Daniel O'Connell, who received the vaccine, "We’re kind of really getting it handed to us, so taking the first step is why I did it."

According to the fire department's medical director, about 110 vaccines have been distributed since Tuesday. 

Dr. Freiheit says whenever they get the next round of vaccines, they're continue down the list of those that qualify to be part of the top tier for the vaccine. In the meantime, she asks that the public be patient. 

"We have everyone calling us and it’s difficult because if we’re answering all the phone calls and emails, then we’re not getting shots in arms so for the public to be extremely patient, we will let everyone know when its their turn when we have enough vaccine."

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