Kenosha Co. Sheriff uses SWAT team to patrol state line during Illinois manhunt

Kenosha County Sheriff's Department sent a supervisor to the scene in Fox Lake yesterday and sent specialized vehicles to assist in patrolling the area during the overnight hours. 
The community of Fox Lake, IL shares a border with Kenosha County, WI and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department’s jurisdiction.  
Sheriff Beth reached out to the command center in Fox Lake, early on yesterday, sending a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Patrol Supervisor directly to the scene in Illinois to offer any assistance needed.  Although no formal request was made to Sheriff Beth for assistance in the search for the offenders, proactive measures were taken and continue to be in place in Kenosha County by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.
The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Tactical Response Team and specialized vehicles patrolled Western Kenosha County during the overnight hours in conjunction with normal uniformed patrol units and responded to several suspicious calls along the southern border of Kenosha County.
Sheriff Beth has increased the number of uniformed patrol units and has been in contact with the schools on the west end of Kenosha County.   The Tactical Response Team has been placed on alert status should the need for assistance or response arise. 
Sheriff Beth would like to remind all Kenosha County Residents to immediately report any suspicious incidents to law enforcement and remain diligent as the search for the offenders continues.
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