Kenosha Alderman Faces Judge In Stalking Case

NOW: Kenosha Alderman Faces Judge In Stalking Case

A Kenosha alderman is facing prison time and thousands of dollars in fines after his ex-girlfriend accused him of stalking her for about four years.

Alderman G. John Ruffalo appeared in Kenosha County Court on Wednesday, where a judge set a $10,000 cash bond and ordered the defendant to have absolutely no contact with the alleged victim.

According to the prosecution, Ruffalo was ordered by police and the Attorney General to stop incessantly calling, texting the victim, as well as driving by her home and work.

“Dozens of unwanted phone calls, texts, emails, spoofed telephone numbers, ignoring repeated warnings from the victim, police and attorney general’s office,” said state attorney Robert Kaiser.

According to police, the victim had surveillance cameras put up at her home to record Ruffalo, who was warned by the police to stop.

“He was told to leave her alone, he said he would leave her alone, that was a lie,” said Kaiser. “He continued to do it. He received a stalking warning letter from the attorney general’s office saying he would be prosecuted. Most people stop when they got those, he didn’t.”

Alderman's defense attorney argued that the 54-year-old has strong ties to the community and will make all his court dates. 

Ruffalo is due back in court on August 25.

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