Kenosha alderman, demonstrators call for peace ahead of Rittenhouse verdict

NOW: Kenosha alderman, demonstrators call for peace ahead of Rittenhouse verdict

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The colder weather brought a calmer mood outside the Kenosha County Courthouse Thursday, Nov. 18. Demonstrators were back on the steps after police arrested two protesters Wednesday, Nov. 17. 

District 6 Alderman Dave Paff is encouraging peace. He echoed the sentiments of most protesters, and that not everyone will be happy with the verdict but respecting each other is key.

"Whether it be a mistrial or guilty or innocent, or what have you, I would just ask everybody to realize that this is the fourth quarter. There's going to be an end to this particular isolated incident, please be peaceful," Alderman Paff said. 

The area of the courthouse is not Alderman Paff's district but he is directly impacted by the trial as a parent.

Kenosha schools put five schools on virtual learning, and Paff said Kenosha Unified School District is allowing parents to keep their children home for the remainder of the week. 

Inside the courthouse, jurors continue to ask questions as the battles over evidence continue between the attorneys.

This has pushed jurors into three days of deliberation and that time is something that Jacob Blake's uncle Justin tells CBS 58 he supports. He said it means they are taking their role and the evidence seriously.

"They're being diligent and trying to see the videos that they believe are important to them. That is awesome. It should not be they went back there 15 minutes and came right out," Justin Blake said. 

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