Keep Them In Your Sights, Stay to The Right

It can be quite intimidating to drive on a highway.  Especially if you are used to driving on city or neighborhood streets.  On the highway, you find many more cars traveling at even higher speeds.  This can lead to more severe car accidents.

A number of dangers are on the highways. Some are weather related.  These we have little control over. However, some are vehicle related.  These we have a small amount of control over.  Still, many dangers are driver related.  These we have a great deal of control in preventing.

Driving on highways is a great way to save time and travel anywhere you want to go. Many of the major highways systems in the United States even have rest stops you can use along the way. Use these tips to make your highway travels even safer.

Avoid Times of Congested Highway Traffic

At certain times of the day, there is a higher chance of experiencing congested highway traffic.  Try to avoid driving on the highway during these times if at all possible.  You can leave 30 minutes before or after these times to help you stay safer on the highway with a fewer number of cars on the road.

Stay to the Right

Not all of us like to go fast or keep up with a speeding flow of traffic, and that is okay.  If you are uncomfortable, stay in the slow lane on the right.  Be sure to drive the posted speed limit and don’t hinder traffic by going too slow.  If you do not feel at ease driving the posted speed limits on the highway, it is probably a good idea to take an alternative route that avoids the highway all together.

Merge Correctly

When merging, let the other car go and then go after they have gone. Take turns with other drivers on the road when you are able to.   Make sure you are using your signals, and look for a gap in which you can switch lanes.  When exiting the highway, use your signals, and as you enter the exit ramp, begin to slow down.

Use Your Mirrors

It is very important to use your rear and side mirrors before switching lanes on the highway. This is due to the fast speeds and higher density of cars on the road.  It is vitally important to ensure that it is safe to merge or switch into a different lane before you do.  Remember to not only check your mirrors, but also check your blind spot before making any lane changes.

Put Down Distractions

It is extremely dangerous to drive with your cellphone.   Do not use your cellphone while driving.  Even a few seconds to check out a text message or an email is long enough to put you and other drivers on the highway in danger.

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